Segway miniPRO Review

Having finally had the chance to ride this product it is time for our Segway miniPRO review. At first glance the Segway miniPRO may seem like an elaborate self-balancing board. The truth is it is much more than that.

Segway miniPRO Review – Quick Look

The Segway miniPRO is much more than another self-balancing board. It is faster, has a longer battery life, and most importantly, feels and operates in a much safer manner. This is a form of personal transport that is so easy to learn you will be riding it like a pro within minutes. It offers all the perks of using an electric scooter for personal transport without the difficulty of a large bulky device.

Top Speed 10 MPH
Maximum Range 14 Miles
Weight 28 lbs
Motor 800 Watts
Dimensions 21.4 x 10.3 x 34 inches


Not only is the Segway miniPRO a brilliant form of personal transport it is, quite literally, loaded with features, for safety and comfort, as well as plenty of gadgets. You can even connect a smartphone to the Segway miniPRO and control it remotely. While it is easy to use and ride it also caters for lovers of technology.

Performance and Range

Segway miniPRO ReviewThe driving force behind the Segway miniPRO is a powerful 800 watt electric motor. This electric motor offers substantial torque. Not only does this make easy work of inclines and obstacles it makes the miniPro feel remarkably stable. It is a strange feeling when you first step onto the device but you quickly realise the motors hold it steady and stable. Unlike a conventional hoverboard you do not feel unstable.

Once you are moving along you can expect to reach a top speed of 10mph. Even when carrying a rider weighing up to 220lbs in weight you can still expect to reach the same top speed. The only difference is that heavier riders will have very slightly slower acceleration. While 10mph may not seem that fast it is worth considering that this is still at least three times faster than walking. It is even, for most people, faster than jogging.

From a single charge you can expect to get around 14 miles before you have to recharge. In the real world this equates to about 2-3 hours of continuous use between charges. It is certainly enough to get you to work and back. Even if this is not enough to last you the day the Segway miniPRO can be fully charged in as little as 4 hour hours.


Segway miniPRO ReviewControlling the Segway miniPRO really could not be any simpler. Stepping onto the device for the first time is a strange experience. You cannot help but expect it to feel unstable or even to slip away but once you take the plunge you realise it it feels very similar to standing on a plank of wood.

To get moving you simply apply a little pressure forwards with your feet. The Segway miniPRO will spring into action and start moving forward. The harder you press your feet forward the faster the device will move. This may sound like it would feel unsafe, maybe unstable, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is not even the slightest feeling of unstableness as you begin moving forward. This really is much simpler and easier than it may sound. The exact same movement applies should you wish to reverse the device. To move backwards simply press a little with your heels.

To stop or slow the Segway miniPRO it is a simple case of reducing the pressure you are applying with your feet. The device then efficiently slows or comes to a complete stop safely, smoothly, and quickly.

Turning the Segway miniPRO is as equally simple and easy as everything else. Stepping onto the Segway miniPRO you will notice a pole with comfortable padded rests between your legs. The pads rest between your knees. To turn in either direction it is a simple case of of leaning and pressing the pads to the side with your knees and you will start to turn in the direction of your lean.

Smartphone Connectivity

What gadget lovers will really love about the Segway miniPRO is that it can be connected to an Android or iOS smartphone. Once connected you will be provided with some really cool features.

Firstly, you will be able to control the Segway miniPRO just like you would a remote control car. While this may seem a little bit of a pointless feature it is surprisingly cool.

There are plenty of very useful features that you will gain by connecting your smartphone to the Segway miniPRO. You will be able turn the lights on and off and also change the color of the lighting. You are also able to lock your Segway miniPRO through your smartphone which is a brilliant anti-theft features.

The smartphone app also allows you to update the firmware of the Segway miniPRO as well as chaging the various safety features. You can even run detailed diagnostics which gives everything from battery life to any faults that may arise.

Other Features

Segway miniPRO ReviewThe Segway miniPRO features large 10.5 pneumatic tyres. These are much larger than what you would find on a conventional self-balancing board. Because they are much larger the device feels a lot more stable than any self-balance board that we have ever rode. The larger wheels are also much less likely to be effected by obstacles in the road such as stones or uneven paving slabs. As you can imagine this really goes along way to the Segway miniPRO safety.

It is really nice to see that the device comes equipped with front and rear LED lights. These lights can change color and really make you much more visible especially at night. The front LED lights also work well at lighting the road in front of you.

If you plan on using the Segway miniPRO to commute to work or simply your local coffee shop it is well designed for this use. A helpful handle is easily extended from the knee pads. This is a very useful feature designed to make the Segway miniPRO easy to push along should you wish to wheel your device into the office or any other building.

The Segway miniPRO is also well designed with a big emphasise on portability. It is light enough to easily pick up while the knee pads are easily removed for more convenient storage or transportation in your car.

What We Like About Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO ReviewThere really is a lot to like about the Segway miniPRO. There is no denying that the device is ridiculously easy to ride. While it may feel a little strange the first time you step on to it you will find, within seconds, that it become like second nature. This personal transport is one of the easiest things we have ever ridden.

We really like the array of safety features that have been included in the product. The LED lights enhance your safety and make sure that you are seen in low light or if you are riding at night.

The fact the Segway miniPRO can be connected to your smartphone is also something we love. While a few of the features appear to nothing more than a gimmick the majority of them prove extremely useful. The fact that you are able to lock the device in order to prevent theft is one such useful feature.

We really like the lightweight yet strong design of the Segway miniPRO. While it is not something you would care to carry for a long time it is light enough to pick up and it easily folds down for storage.

It even meets UL- 2272 Certified safety standards which is sure to give you peace of mind.

What We Don’t Like About Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO ReviewIt really is somewhat difficult to pick fault with the Segway miniPRO.

The one thing we would say is that we really would liked to have seen a longer battery life. While the battery life is ample for the majority of users and the charging time is very fast it would have been nice to see the battery life a little better. It would have also been nice to see the product come with a spare battery.

Final Thoughts

Fi you are looking for a convenient form of personal transport you will have to go a long way to find something better than the Segway miniPRO. It is ridiculously easy to ride and is much safer than any hoverboard available.

It is at least three times faster than walking, lightweight, and easy to store away so ideal shoudl you wish to store it under your desk at work. It is fully charged in a handful of hours and is built to last.

You really will to find a better form of electric personal transport. Especially one that is so much fun to ride.

Segway miniPRO Review

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