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    Best Hoverboard 2020 – Cool Hoverboards

    Most people who want to buy the best hoverboard of 2020 know they are really looking to buy one of the coolest hoverboards available. They want a product that is well built, safe, and packed full of features. With so many products available the big question is – what is the best hoverboard out of […] More

  • Best Hoverboard 2019 - Cool Hoverboards

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    Best Hoverboard 2019 – Cool Hoverboards

    When buying a hoverboard you really want to buy the very best hoverboard 2019 that you can afford. Every manufacture claims to be producing cool hoverboards but a cool hoverboard is not necessarily the best hoverboard 2019. Hopefully this hoverboard buyers guide will help you with your purchase. Best Hoverboard 2019 – Cool Hoverboards So, […] More

  • Segway miniPRO Review

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    Segway miniPRO Review

    Having finally had the chance to ride this product it is time for our Segway miniPRO review. At first glance the Segway miniPRO may seem like an elaborate self-balancing board. The truth is it is much more than that. Segway miniPRO Review – Quick Look The Segway miniPRO is much more than another self-balancing board. It is faster, […] More