Ninebot ES4 Review

Having finally gotten our hands on this electric scooter we are finally able to offer a Ninebot ES4 review. This is a beautifully designed, long range, and fast electric scooter made by Segway. It certainly is not the cheapest electric scooter available to buy, but is it worth the money? More importantly, is the Ninebot ES4 an electric scooter that you would want to buy?

Ninebot ES4 Review – Quick Look

The Ninebot ES4 is a sleek looking and very capable electric scooter. While, at first glance it may look somewhat minimalistic it is actually well equipped with features and gadgets. This is an electric scooter that used the very latest battery technology to offer exceptional range and performance from a single charge. At top speed it is around six to seven times faster than walking.

Top Speed 19 mph
Maximum Range 28 miles
Weight 39 lbs
Motor 800 watts
Dimensions 40 x 17 x 45 inches


Ninebot ES4 Review and Best PriceDespite the sleek and minimalistic design of this electric scooter it is still well equipped with gadgets and features. It comes with simple to use controls, suspension system, and a lighting system so you can be seen at night. You can even connect a smartphone to the Ninebot ES4 to unlock a whole wealth of useful and cool features.

Performance and Range

One of the biggest advantages that comes with the use of an electric scooter is how much quicker they are over walking. The Ninebot ES4 certainly delivers when it comes to speed.

With a top speed of 19mph the Ninebot ES4 is more than six times faster than walking. It is even faster than running as well as faster than most people can ride a bicycle.

Unlike many of the electric scooters that we have ridden the Ninebot ES4 hardly notices inlines. While travelling uphill the scooter still manages to reach very near to its top speed. The main effect of travelling uphill on the Ninebot ES4 comes in the form of a quicker drain on the battery.

Possibly one of the most important things when it comes to electric scooters is the range from a single charge. This is even more important if you are using an electric scooter for transport. Again, the Ninebot ES4 does not disappoint and offers a range of up to 28 miles from a single charge. This should prove more than enough to get you to and from work or a whole day zooming around.

It is worth noting that while, in most cases, the is capable of reaching its top speed with ease the range is dependant on several factors. The distance you can travel from a single charge can be greatly effected by the terrain, weather, and weight of the rider.

Powerful 800 Watt Electric Motor and Dual Batteries

The driving force behind the Ninebot ES4 is a powerful electric motor which offers plenty of torque. Even up some rather steep hills we found that this electric scooter hardly even noticed. While many of the electric scooters that we have ridden over the years struggle with uphill terrain we found there was literally no stopping the Ninebot ES4. Even heavier riders who have tested this electric scooter report that it just keeps going even when travelling uphill.

What really makes the Ninebot ES4 stand out is the fact it is fitted with two lithium ion batteries. Not only does the use of two batteries give this scooter extra power they more than double its range between charges compared to the likes of the Ninebot ES2. The negative side of using two batteries is that it takes twice as long to charge compared to the ES2.

Controls and Display

Ninebot ES4 Review and Best PriceThe minimalistic charm of the Ninebot ES4 also makes it a very easy electric scooter to ride and control.

On each side of the handlebars you will find a conveniently positioned button. These buttons are ideally located to be pressed by the rides thumbs. On the right side of the handlebars the thumb switch operates the throttle. On the left side of the handlebars the thumb switch operates the braking system. You will also find that the moment you stop pressing the throttle button the scooter will automatically start to brake. You really could not ask for anything simpler.

Located in the centre of handlebars you find a single button and simple LCD display. The LCD display offers basic information including speed and remaining battery charge. The button that is located below the display is used to turn the Ninebot ES4 on and off. It is also used to set the cruise control feature as well as connecting the scooter to a smartphone.

The Ninebot ES4 connects to a smartphone through the use of a free app. Once you have a smartphone connected you will have access to a variety of cool features and information. Through the app you are able to lock the Ninebot ES4 as a security measure. You are also able to change the cruise control settings and control the front and rear LED lights. You will also be able to compare your riding time with other users along with the ability to download updated firmwares and run detailed diagnostic tests on the scooter.

Front and Rear Suspension

Ninebot ES4 Review and Best PriceBecause of the sleek and minimalistic design of the Ninebot ES4, at first look, you will probably not notice the front and rear suspension system. Upon closer examination you will notice the front suspension located just above the front wheel. The rear suspension system is concealed totally out of view.

There are many electric scooters available suspension systems that are much more elaborate than what you find on the Ninebot ES4. However, despite the basic look and design of this suspension, it is actually surprising effective. While it does not iron out every bump in the road it certainly does a good job in taking the stress away from your arms and legs.

Anyone who has rode a scooters with no suspension will tell you that, in a very short period of time, your arms and legs are the first to feel the strain. This is because, with no suspension, it is your arms and legs that take the impact of every little bump. Thankfully, the suspension system on the Ninebot ES4 goes a long way in reducing this stress.

Safety Features

Ninebot ES4 Review and Best PriceIt is nice to see that the Ninebot ES4 features several safety features.

Firstly there is the braking system which is both mechanical and electrical. The second you take your thumb off the throttle the scooter will start to actively slow down. What really makes the thumb activated brake feel so safe is the presence of an electronic anti-locking braking system. This is something that is exceptionally useful under heavy braking where, on a normal scooter, you may lock the wheels and loose control and grip.

This scooter is also equipped with a front, rear and side lighting system. The front lighting system is not the best at lighting the terrain in front but all the lights combined help make sure you are seen when riding at night. Especially if you happen to be riding on the road.

What We Like About Ninebot ES4

Ninebot ES4 Review and Best PriceThe first thing that we love about the Ninebot ES4 is the minimalistic design and look. Everything about the appearance of the this product is sleek. It really does remind you of the same kind of design philosophy that you find in products manufactured by Apple.

We really love the torque and power that is provided by the electric motor. Even if you encounter a steep hill you will be unlikely to experience any dramatic drop in performance. The range between charges is also something that we really love about the Ninebot ES4. While the maximum range between charges is claimed to 28 miles in the real world we found a more realistic range was around 17 miles. This should still be more than enough for most people.

The fact that the Ninebot ES4 is so easy to ride is another thing that we really love. You could not ask for an easier or more simple electric scooter to ride.

Finally, the smartphone connectivity is something that we really like. We are sure this will be something that is exceptionally attractive to anyone who love gadgets.

What We Don’t Like About Ninebot ES4

Ninebot ES4 Review and Best PriceIt is difficult to pick fault with the Ninebot ES4. However, one thing that we think does let this electric scooter down is the time it takes to charge the battery. Because the Ninebot ES4 has two high capacity lithium ion batteries rather than one it can take up to 7 hours to fully charge them. This is more than double the time it takes to charge the likes of the Ninebot ES2. Obviously, the dual batteries provides extra, range, speed, and power so this is a trade-off situation.

The other thing that we do not like about the Ninebot ES4 is when you first unbox it. You will have to do some minor assembly, mainly with the handlebars. While this is no real hardship for the majority of people we would have liked to see a fully assembled product out of the box. Especially when you consider the overall cost of this electric scooter.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to buy an electric scooter there are plenty of choices available. There are several that are much faster than the Ninebot ES4 and there are many that are a lot cheaper. With that said the Ninebot ES4 is by no means slow and when it comes to cost you really do get what you pay for. This looks, feels, and rides like a very high quality product.

If you are looking for the best electric scooter for commuting the Ninebot ES4 is a great choice. It has an excellent range, folds down very quickly, and is lightweight enough to carry. Because of the ability to lock the scooter and engage the anti-theft features the Ninebot ES4 is also well suited should you want to ride it to the shops or your local Starbucks.

The bottom line is that this is a high quality and well designed electric scooter. It is the ideal form of personal transport and great fun to ride.
Ninebot ES4 Review and Best Price
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