As soon as we rode this electric scooter we knew we had to do a NANROBOT X8 review. It is possibly one of the best and fastest electric scooters under $1000 that we have seen. There really is a lot to love about this electric scooter and not a lot to hate. The big question is should you buy a NANROBOT X8 electric scooter?

NANROBOT X8 Review –  Quick Look

Nanrobot X8 ReviewIf you are looking to buy the fastest electric scooter under $1000 then the NANROBOT X8 is probably the product you should be looking at. Sure, it is half as fast as some of its big brothers but it is also half the price. It is also worth noting that the NANROBOT X8 is still capable of hitting 22mph. Even people with nerves of steel will find this alarmingly fast.

It quickly and easily folds down to a compact size which, when combined with its lightweight construction, makes it a highly portable electric scooter. This is not something you would want to carry for any length of time but is certainly easy enough to pick up and take on the bus or train.

We really like that a front and rear suspension has been included which has been cleverly hidden away from view. So well hidden you would be forgive for failing to see it or notice it. This makes the ride quality of the NANROBOT X8 as smooth as you are likely to get from a fast electric scooter.

There has been plenty of thought put into safety features on the NANROBOT X8 as well. Front and rear LED lights make sure that you are seen when riding in the dark. An excellent performing disc brake takes care of the scooters stopping power.

The bottom line is, not only is this the best fastest electric scooter under $1000, it is also one of the best electric scooters for commuting.

Top Speed 22 MPH
Maximum Range 30 Miles
Weight 37.5 lbs
Motor 350 Watts
Dimensions (Unfolded)  44.1 inch x 5.9 inch x 14.2 inch


At first glance the NANROBOT X8 may certainly look like a simple and basic electric scooter. It’s not until you take a closer look or ride it that you realise there is an awful lot packed in there. In fact one of the reasons you, at first, fail to realise all the features is because extra care has been put into the design. It certainly appears to be designed to hide a lot of what it has going for it. We personally feel that this extra attention that has went into the design makes the NANROBOT X8 look much sleeker than any of its big brothers from Nanrobot.

Powerful 350W Electric Motor

The driving force behind the NANROBOT X8 is a powerful 350W electric hub motor. This may not seem like a huge motor but it packs plenty of torque. In fact it has enough torque and enough power to transport a rider weighing up to 264 lbs without too much depreciation on performance. Of course the maximum rider weight is also testimony to the overall build quality of this scooter as well.

Controls and Display

Nanrobot X8 ReviewOn the NANROBOT X8 you will find exactly the same LCD display and controls as on the NANROBOT X4. This means all the controls are well placed and you will never have to remove your hands from the bars to reach any of them.

Starting with the left side of the handlebars is the brake lever which, obviously, operates the rear brake. Your left thumb is also perfectly positioned to reach the on and off buttons for the NANROBOT X8.

The right side of the handlebars is where the bulk of the controls and display are located.

This is where you will find the finger operated accelerator trigger. Simply pull the trigger with your fingers and it springs into action. There is also the LCD display panel located on this side of the handlebars. While this display is not as elaborate as what you find on the more expensive Nanrobot scooters it is enough to give you the basics. Such basics include your speed, time, and remaining battery power.

One thing we will say is that the NANROBOT X8 controls are certainly well positioned. Nothing feels cluttered and everything is in easy reach. Just what you want when whizzing along at 22mph.

Front and Rear Suspension

Nanrobot X8 ReviewOne of the most well designed parts of the NANROBOT X8 is the front and rear suspension. Not only does the suspension work well at ironing out bumps in the terrain it is also well hidden. In fact, at first glance the chances are you would fail to see it existed.

The front suspension is actually cleverly built into the top of folks between where they join to the main frame. It is then covered with a seductive rubber cover which makes it all but invisible.

The rear suspension is cleverly hidden away on the underneath of the NANROBOT X8. Again, you would struggle to realise it was there unless you look underneath. We personally love this design feature as it goes a long way towards the overall sleek design of the NANROBOT X8.

While the suspension system fitted to the NANROBOT X8 is certainly not as spongey as what you would find on more expensive Nanrobot scooters it works effectively. Anyone who has ridden an electric scooter with no suspension will already know that even the slightest bump can soon tire the arms. The presence of this suspension system really does go a long way to reducing that stress.

Not only does it safe your arms it helps keep you in control much easier. Because of the suspension you are much less likely to loose grip on the front wheel. You are also much less likely to find yourself fighting to keep it moving straight when you’re riding on uneven terrain.

Rear Disc Brake

Nanrobot X8 ReviewYour stopping power when riding the NANROBOT X8 is provided by a rear disc brake. This is operated by a bicycle style brake lever mounted on the handlebars.

When we first saw the NANROBOT X8 we really did feel more than a little concerned at the lack of a front brake. Maybe we had become spoilt from riding the more expensive offerings from Nanrobot.

Upon riding the NANROBOT X8 and experimenting with the braking system our opinions quickly changed. Because this is an electric scooter that travels about half the speed of the more expensive options we really never felt the need for that second brake.

Even with just the single rear disc brake we found that even stopping in an emergency the NANROBOT X8 came to a stand still quickly and smoothly We never once felt that the stop could have been performed any quicker.

We also found that having only the one rear brake made the NANROBOT X8 much simpler to ride. There was no worry about which brake to pull and when to pull it. There was also no fear that you were going to pull to hard on the front brake and catapult yourself over the handlebars.

Performance and Range

Nanrobot X8 ReviewIt is hard to argue that the NANROBOT X8 has not got superb performance and range.

Capable of a top speed of 22mph the NANROBOT X8 is most certainly one of the fastest electric scooters under $1000. To put this into context the average person will walk at 3mph and your average leisure cyclist will travel at 10-14mph.

It is not just the fact that this electric scooter can reach such a top speed that makes it so great. It is the fact that it has the acceleration to go with it. Like all the Nanrobot products the acceleration is quick but it is not so quick that you will feel unsafe. You may get a little bit of a fright on your first ride but you soon get used to it.

There is also the range between charges that is fantastic. From a single charge you can expect to get up to 30 miles. This is thanks to the high capacity 36 volt 18.2Ah lithium battery. Not only does this high quality battery offer superb range for the NANROBOT X8 it can also be charged relatively quickly. Especially when compared to many other electric scooters available. You can expect to have a fully charged battery in any where between 4 and 6 hours depending on your power supply and how drained the battery is.

It is important here to mention that the top speed and range of the NANROBOT X8 is very much weight and conditions dependant. Speed and range can are impacted depending on such factor as rider weight, terrain, weather conditions, and the type of riding.

What We Like About NANROBOT X8

Nanrobot X8 ReviewWe really love the lightweight design of the NANROBOT X8. The fact that it can be so easily folded and carried is what makes it, for us, the best electric scooter for commuting. We also love how it is designed to look as sleek as possible. One such example is the way the suspension is hidden away from view as is the rear disc brake.

It is certainly nice to see a front and rear lighting system included. This is especially important if you should be riding at night. It helps light your way and makes sure you are seen. We also feel that this is an important feature on any scooter that would be used as for commuting back and forwards to work.

The use of a disc brake system is also a really nice touch. Disc brakes work a lot better than hub brakes and this braking system really is effective.

Lastly, we really like how the handlebars offer such much scope in height adjustment. This makes the NANROBOT X8 an excellent choice for both short and tall riders.

What We Don’t Like About NANROBOT X8

It really is hard to pick fault with the NANROBOT X8. With that said, having ridden some of the scooters bigger brothers, we will pick a few.

It would have been nice if Nanrobot had given the X8 the same LCD display as more expensive models. While there is nothing wrong with the LCD display here it just doesn’t look as good.

There is also the lack of a front brake. While we admit it really is not needed it just would have been nice to have.

Lastly, we must say that we were disappointed with the range when heavier riders were onboard. While average sized riders did get close to the claimed 30 mile range heavier riders had their range dropped to only 15 miles.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best electric scooter for commuting then the NANROBOT X8 is most certainly what you should buy. It is not only ideal for commuting it is great fun and simply getting around.

The inclusion of front and rear lights means you do not have to worry about getting home before sunset which is great for a commuting scooter.

The top speed is more than enough to get you where you’re going on time while providing plenty of fun along the way.

The bottom line is if you are looking for the best electric scooter for commuting or the best electric scooter under $1000 the NANROBOT X8 is certainly worth a long hard look.

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