This NANROBOT X4 review is a look at a fast electric scooter that is well suited to everyone. It is one of the best fast electric scooters for kids and for people new to riding this form of personal transport.

NANROBOT X4 Review –  Quick Look

NANROBOT X4 ReviewThis NANROBOT X4 electric scooter is a fast, long ranged, lightweight electric scooter.

Powered by a single but powerful electric hub motor this electric scooter is certainly fast. Just not so fast that it would be unsafe for kids. The range between charges is enough to provide hours of fun and when the charge time of the battery is super quick.

Easily foldable and lightweight this electric scooter is to carry on to the bus or train with relative ease. This also makes it light enough to easily pick up and store under your desk at work making it an ideal electric scooter for commuting.

A powerful rear braking system provides ample stopping power so you can be sure of coming to a stop in any emergency.

To finish things off the NANROBOT X4 even features an LCD display panel, a stand for when you park up, a front and rear LED light, and requires a key to function for added security.

Top Speed 20 MPH
Maximum Range 25 Miles
Weight 33 lbs
Motor 350 Watts
Dimensions (Unfolded) 37.4 inch x 21.3 inch x 46.8 inch


While the NANROBOT X4 is not as laden with features as some of the electric scooters by Nanrobot it still boasts plenty.

Powerful 350 Electric Motors

Unlike many of the faster electric Nanrobot scooters the Nanrobot X4 features a single electric hub motor not two. While this is one of the main reasons the Nanrobot is not quite as quick as its big brothers it makes up for that fact in other ways. Things such as the overall weight of the scooter.

There is also the fact that since the NANROBOT X4 uses only one motor means it can go for longer on a much smaller and lighter battery.

Despite using only a single 350 watt electric motor the NANROBOT X4 is still capable of producing a very respectable top speed of 20mph. For the majority of people this will be more than fast enough. It is certainly considerably faster than most electric scooters available.

The 350 watt electric motor certainly produces plenty of torque. A quick pull of the accelerator has the NANROBOT X4 quickly jumping up to its top speed. While the acceleration is certainly not enough to be considered dangerous it certainly is fast enough to provide plenty of thrills.

The high torque produced by the electric motor also works well when you hit an incline. It will take an incline of around 28 degrees before you notice any major effects in performance.

Controls and Display

NANROBOT X4 ReviewLike all electric scooters by this company the NANROBOT X4 features easy to use and reach controls. So easy you will find you never have to remove your hands from the handlebars to reach any of them.

Starting with the left side of the handlebars is where you will find the rear brake lever. You will also find the NANROBOT X4’s on and off buttons. These are easy to reach with your thumb and also double as an emergency power shut off function should you need it.

Moving over to the right side of the handle bars is what is effectively the ignition to the NANROBOT X4. This is where you insert the scooters key so that it will operate. This may seem like a cheap gimmick but it is in fact a good security feature.

On this side of the handlebars is also where you will find the accelerator trigger. Simply pull the trigger, like you would the trigger of a gun, and the NANROBOT X4 will spring into action and start moving forward.

There is also a simple but useful LCD display on the right side of the handlebars. This LCD display information such as speed, time, and remaining charge in the battery.

Front Suspension

NANROBOT X4 ReviewUnlike its big brothers the NANROBOT X4 does not feature a rear suspension system. It does however have a suspension on the front wheel which is where it is needed the most. While a rear suspension would be nice to see it is not really needed. Not on an electric scooter that is so lightweight and does not reach the speeds of its big brothers.

The front suspension does however do an excellent job of smoothing out the overall ride quality where it is needed the most. As you would imagine the front wheel is what suffers the most from impacts and is responsible for supporting the bulk of the weight while riding.

Overall, the suspension does not iron out every bump but the front suspension certainly makes the NANROBOT X4 easy to control even at high speed. If this electric scooter failed to have this suspension we would imagine that even the tiniest bump in terrain would make it difficult to keep control.

Rear Hub Brake

NANROBOT X4 ReviewFor stopping power the NANROBOT X4 uses a single rear hub brake. This brake is controlled just like you control the brakes on a bicycle. While a hub brake certainly does not provide the same sort of stopping power you would get from a disc brake it does feel enough for such a lightweight scooter. If the scooter was any faster then we would certainly feel disc brakes would be needed.

At first we did feel a little disappointed that the NANROBOT X4 did not include a front brake. Having spent time riding some of the the other offerings from Nanrobot, at first, we felt the company was skimping on an important safety feature.

However, having rode the NANROBOT X4 at length we did find that the sole rear hub brake works just fine. It is capable of quickly and smoothly bringing the scooter to a complete stop. Even in an emergency. Yes, a front brake would have been nice. But, with that said, it is not as much of a miss as we originally thought it would have been.

Performance and Range

As we have already said, the NANROBOT X4 is a fast electric scooter. The 350W motor has enough torque to take it to the top speed of 20mph quickly and safely.

Because the 350W motor does not require as much power as some of the NANROBOT X4’s bigger brothers it does not require such a huge and heavy battery. A 36 volt 10.4Ah lithium battery is fitted to the NANROBOT X4 and provides 20 miles of riding between charges. While this is possibly not far enough for super hardcore riders but it should prove more than ample for most people. Especially younger riders.

In terms of ride quality the NANROBOT X4 is very good indeed. As we have already stated the front suspension really helps keeping control of the scooter especially on rough terrain and at high speeds.

What We Like About NANROBOT X4

NANROBOT X4 ReviewBecause the NANROBOT X4 is one of the cheaper scooters by this company there are a few things we could complain about. With that said there are still plenty of things that we really do like about this electric scooter.

There is scooters ability to not only fold down but for the handlebar ends to also fold inwards. When you combine this with the NANROBOT X4’s lightweight design it makes for quite a portable electric scooter. You certainly would not want to carry it for any great distance but it is easy enough to pick up and take on the bus or train.

We also love the fact the NANROBOT X4 has front and rear LED lights. These lights, while not as bright as we would have liked, still do a good job of lighting the way and making sure that you are seen when riding at night. You never can be too safe.

What really stands out to us about the NANROBOT X4 is the time that it takes to charge the battery. While many of the NANROBOT X4’s big brothers take up to 10 hours to charge the X4 takes a mere 3 hours. This means even if the 25 miles of range between charges is not enough you will be able to quickly recharge while you are at lunch.

It is also really cool that the NANROBOT X4 needs a key in order for it to operate.

What We Don’t Like About NANROBOT X4

NANROBOT X4 ReviewThere is nothing major that lets the NANROBOT X4 down. There are however a few things that we really would have liked to see included. The chances are many of these complaints are simply because we have been spoilt by riding the likes of the NANROBOT D5+.

The first thing that we really would have liked to see is a front brake. As we have stated the lack of a front brake is certainly not something that makes the NANROBOT X4 unsafe. However, we really feel it would have enhanced the stopping ability just that little bit more.

There is also the lack of a rear suspension on the NANROBOT X4. While travelling at 20mph is probably not enough to justify the need for such a thing it really would have made the overall ride a lot smoother. You cannot put a price on comfort after all.

In terms of convenience we really would have liked to have see a USB charging port. Again, this is certainly not deal breaker but it would have been nice.

Final Thoughts

If you have not got 1000’s of dollars to spend but still want a high quality and fast electric scooter then look no further than the NANROBOT X4. It is certainly not going to break any land speed records but is still faster than walking.

The NANROBOT X4 is an ideal electric scooter for kids and people new to riding personal transport. It is also well suited to people who are looking for the best electric scooter for commuting.

Overall, for the money, you really cannot find much to complain about with this electric scooter. it is well made and provides countless hours of fun and personal transportation.

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