It is hardly any surprise that we are doing a NANROBOT V8 review. After all Nanrobot are a company well known for making some of the best and fastest electric scooters. The NANROBOT V8 is certainly no exception to that rule. It falls just short of been the fastest electric scooter available from the company. However, if you want a seriously awesome electric scooter that stands out in the crowd the NANROBOT V8 is worth every penny.

NANROBOT V8 Review –¬† Quick Look

NANROBOT V8 Review and Buyers GuideLike all electric scooters made by this company, the NANRBOT V8 is well designed and manufactured. In fact this electric scooter is so well built it can carry a rider weighing up to 264lbs.

It is capable of reaching an eye watering top speed of 34mph with a range of 40 miles between charges. This should prove more than enough to last the entire day for most riders.

It features front and rear disc brakes alone with a front and rear suspension system. This makes the NANRBOT feel like it is floating along while the stopping power makes you feel very in control.

The controls, like all Nanrobot scooters, are well thought out and placed. All within easy reach and spread out enough so you can be sure of hitting the right button.

This awesome NANROBOT V8 features large 8 inch non-slip wheels which help it feel planted to the ground even on slippy terrain.

It even features a USB charging port so you can charge your phone and a stand for when you are parked down. It also quickly and easily folds down for easy storage and transportation.

Top Speed 34 MPH
Maximum Range 40 Miles
Weight 92 lbs
Motor 2 x 800 Watts
Dimensions (Unfolded) 46 inch x 23 inch x 38 inch


What Nanrobot always manage to do, and the NANROBOT V8 is no exception, is pack in just the right number of features. They do this without going over the top and throwing in unneeded gimmicks and gadgets. Every thing that you will find on the NANROBOT V8 is useful and well thought out.

Two Powerful 800 Electric Motors

NANROBOT V8 Review and Buyers GuideAnyone familiar with Nanrobot electric scooters will be familiar with their two-wheel-drive feature. This NANROBOT V8 features that very same technology in the form of two super powerful 800W hub motors. One located in the front and one in the rear.

The ability to deliver power to both wheels means that even on bumpy terrain the NANROBOT V8 is still propelling itself forward. This is is also a great help should you venture off road on this electric scooter. It is also hugely beneficial should you be riding in the rain and find the terrain becomes slippery.

The rider has the choice of using the NANROBOT V8 with power delivered to one wheel or two. As you would expect powering only the one wheel enhances the life of the battery but powering two wheels is where the real fun is at.

Controls and Display

All of the controls on the NANROBOT V8 are well positioned. They are all within easy reach without the need to take your hands off the handlebars.

Starting with the right side of the handlebars you will find an LCD display with several buttons. The buttons are used to change gear and turn the display on and off. The LCD display gives information such as speed, remaining battery charge, gear, and time.

Attached to the LCD display unit is a USB port should you wish to charge your smartphone up as you ride. This is where you will also find a trigger which is used as the accelerator.

The right side of the handlebars is where you will also find the front brake and two buttons. One button switches between economy mode and turbo mode. The other switches between single wheel drive and two-wheel drive.

Over on the left side of the handlebars is the rear brake lever. This is where you will also find the power on and off button for the NANROBOT V8. You will also find a button that beeps the horn to let people know that you are approaching.

Front and Rear Suspension

NANROBOT V8 Review and Buyers GuideRiding one of the fastest electric scooters, even on smooth terrain, can be a bumpy affair. Thankfully, the NANROBOT V8 is well equipped to combat this problem.

Fitted with a front and rear suspension it is surprising just how well the NANROBOT V8 soaks up every last bump. Even at the very highest speed any bump that you throw at this electric scooter is quickly smoothed out with ease. The suspension system also goes a long way in helping with the overall handling of this scooter.

Because the wheels are only 8 inches in diameter, many Nanrobot scooters have 10 inch wheels, there is extra room for suspension travel. This makes the NANROBOT V8 a well suited off-road electric scooter. Because of the extra travel on the suspension even rocks can be tackled with relative ease.

What we really like about the shock absorbers on the NANROBOT V8 is that they are hidden away. On most electric scooters that have a suspension the shock absorbers are on the side. On this electric scooter they are cleverly hidden away. Not only does this look much better it nearly eliminates the chances of them becoming jammed with debris. Something that has always been an issue in the past when taking an electric scooter off-road.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

NANROBOT V8 Review and Buyers GuideOne thing you most certainly want on one of the fastest electric scooters is a good braking system. Thankfully the NANROBOT V8 does not let itself down in this area.

It features a front and rear, independently controlled, disc brakes. Controlled by motorcycle style levers mounted on the handlebars you can rest assured, even when travelling at top speed, that you will be brought to a fast, smooth, and most importantly, safe stop.

Even when applying the brake hard, although you stop very quickly, you will not feel like you are about to get catapulted forward off the scooter. Until you have ridden the NANROBOT at its top speed and faced an emergency you cannot understand how helpful this braking system is. It even works well in cold and wet weather with very little lose of braking power.

The fact that the front and rear disc brakes operate independently goes a long way to the overall handling of the NANROBOT V8.

The one thing that could have made the brakes better on the NANROBOT V8 would be the use of hydraulic cables. Instead Nanrobot have used standard wire operated disc brakes. Not that this lets the scooter down it would have just been nice to have.

Performance and Range

NANROBOT V8 ReviewWith a top speed of 34mph the NANROBOT V8 is certainly not the fastest electric scooter out there. It is pretty close though and to be fair 34mph on an electric scooter is, for many, more than fast enough. What the NANROBOT V8 loses on top end speed it makes up for with its readiness to venture off-road. One thing for sure is that you will not want to be travelling at 34mph when riding through the woods.

The acceleration to top speed is also very good. While it is not sudden enough to throw you off the scooter it certainly is enough to give you a shock the first time you try.

The range between charges of the NANROBOT V8 is very good indeed. The 26AH 48 volt high capacity lithium battery offers up to 40 miles between charges. This should prove more than enough to last you the entire day without having to worry about a flat battery.

It is worth noting that the top speed and range of the NANROBOT is very much dependant on several factors. Things like the riders weight, terrain, and weather conditions all effect the top speed and the overall range between charges. How you ride the scooter also has an impact on the overall range of the NANROBOT.

What We Like About NANROBOT V8

There really is a lot to love about this electric scooter.

We love that, although its is not the fastest electric scooter, it still offers an eye watering top speed. This probably makes it better for beginners than some of the Nanrobot scooters capable of 50mph or more.

We really love the beautiful spongy suspension that makes this an awesome off-road electric scooter. We also love the long range and the likes of the front LED headlamp and USB charging socket.

What We Don’t Like About NANROBOT V8

NANROBOT V8 Review and Buyers GuideJust like all of the fastest electric scooters, the NANROBOT is heavy. Too heavy to be an electric scooter you could easily take on the bus or train. In fact it way even more than many other offering from Nanrobot weighing a whopping 92 lbs. Of course this does this does help it when tackling the off-road stuff it can still prove a bit of a pain. Even lifting it in and out of the car can be tiresome.

There is also the issue with the time taken to charge the battery. Depending on how drained the battery is you can expect the charge time to be around 6-10 hours. Thankfully, the range on the NANROBOT V8 is fantastic so only the ultra hardcore riders will find this a major annoyance.

Only a minor niggle with the NANROBOT V8 is the lack of a rear LED light. The NANROBOT V8 does include a front LED lamp but it would have been nice to see one on the rear as well. This would have made the NANROBOT V8 more suitable to ride at night.

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting one of the fastest electric scooters that is capable off-road then the NANROBOT V8 is an excellent choice.

Still capable of reaching a top speed of 34mph the NANROBOT V8 is perfect for novice and expert riders alike. The range between charges is nothing short of excellent, more than enough to give you the entire day filled with fun.

Overall you will have to go a long, long way to find a better all-round electric scooter. Especially one that is so well designed and manufactured.

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