Nanrobot RS4 Review

Nanrobot has very quickly, in recent years, become a very big name in electric scooters. They have even produced some of the very best and the fastest of electric scooters on the market. It is hardly a surprise that the Nanrobot RS4 become such a popular, well desired, and best seller among electric scooters.

Nanrobot RS4 Review – Quick Look

Nanrobot RS4 ReviewThe Nanrobot RS4 is a sturdy, folding electric scooter complete with front and rear suspension and front and rear disc brakes. It boasts two powerful 1600 watt electric motors, one for each wheel, which can drive the Nanrobot RS4 up to a top speed of 45mph. This is seriously fast for an electric scooter so, as you can imagine, the dual suspension is welcome as is the stopping power provided by the disc brakes.

The speed of the Nanrobot RS4 is controlled by use of a trigger on the right handlebar where you will also find an LED display that gives you information such as speed , time, and battery power..

Overall the Nanrobot RS4 is a seriously well built scooter that, combined with its eye watering top speed, offers serious amounts of fun.

Top Speed 45 MPH
Maximum Range 55 Miles
Weight 88.2 lbs
Motor 2 x 1600 Watts
Dimensions (Unfolded) 53.1inch x 11.8inch x 49.2inch


The Nanrobot RS4 is a very fast electric scooter that can be easily folded and is packed with excellent features that go a long way to enhancing your safety and your enjoyment when riding it.

Two Powerful 1600 Watt Motors.

Unlike most electric scooters the Nanrobot RS4 boasts two super powerful 1600 watt electric motors. This gives the Nanrobot RS4 a combined total power output of 3600 watts. You can run this electric scooter powered by a single electric motor or, with a simple press of a handlebar mounted button, choose to power it with two electric motors. Using both electric motors will drain the battery a little faster but this will give you an eye watering top speed of 45 MPH.

Control & Displays

Nanrobot RS4 ReviewDespite the eye watering top speed of this electric scooter it is still very easy to control and handle. This is mostly down to the excellent design, easy to use controls, and handlebar mounted display.

The front and rear disc brakes are easily operated by two levers, one on each side of the handlebars, in the exact same way you would control the brakes of a motorcycle. The speed of this electric scooter is controlled by a simple finger operated trigger mounted on the right side of the handlebars while a simple button is all you need to press to change between one electric motor or two. Located next to the button that changes the power from one motor to two is another button which changes the scooter from economy mode to turbo mode. This gives you the option of riding economically with the Nanrobot RS4 or blasting along with the wind in your hair.

Also on the right side of the handlebars is a simple yet effective LED display. This LED display gives the rider a live readout displaying information such as speed, time, distance travelled, and battery power.

You will also find a very useful USB port on your handlebars which is perfect should you wish to charge your mobile cell phone or power a sat nav as you ride.

Design and Build Quality

Nanrobot RS4 ReviewThe Nanrobot RS4 is a seriously awesome and well designed electric scooter. It quickly and easily folds down to a compact size for convenient and easy storage and is kitted out with a whole array of useful design features.

The 60 volt, 31.2AH high capacity lithium battery is stored in the base of the Nanrobot RS4 where it is well protected from moisture and dirt. The fact that the battery is located so low in this electric scooter helps keep the centre of gravity low which helps with making this scooter so stable even when moving at high speed.

Each wheel has its own independent 1600 watt electric hub motor which powers the Nanrobot RS4. As we have already mentioned the speed is easily controlled through use of a handlebar mounted trigger and the dual disc brakes are controlled as you would on a motorcycle.

Weighing 88lbs this is certainly not the lightest electric scooter in the world but it is still light enough to be considered relatively portable.

Nanrobot RS4 ReviewAs you would imagine when this electric scooter gets anywhere near the top speed control and bumps in the road could easily become a problem. Thankfully, Nanrobot have taken the very wise decision to include a highly effective front and rear suspension. Not only does the presence of a front and rear suspension soak up the bumps in the road it greatly improves the handling of the Nanrobot RS4 as well as making this electric scooter a very capable off road electric scooter.

The handlebars feature high quality rubber grips which feel comfortable and easy to hold on to. The deck is covered in an anti-slip material which means your feet always feel well planted. The front and rear rubber tyres are 11 inches in diameter which offer superb grip on and off road as well as helping the shock absorbers out with the bumps in the road.

On the front of the Nanrobot RS4 is a very bright LED headlamp which is exceptionally handy if you are likely to be riding at night. Not only does this help you be seen, it also greatly helps in lighting the road in front.

Performance and Range

There is no denying that the Nanrobot RS4 is a seriously fast electric scooter. In fact it is so fast it is even capable of outrunning many petrol moped scooters. Because of the remarkably high speed of this electric scooter it is good to see that it is designed where the speed can be very easily controlled. If you are new to the amazing and fun world of electric scooters then we would highly recommend that until you get some experience you stick to running the Nanrobot RS4 with the power of only one of the two 1600 watt electric motors. This will limit the top speed of the scooter until you are ready to unleash the full potential. Unless you have experience of riding electric scooters you will most certainly find that even 15mph can feel scarily fast.

The high capacity lithium battery has the ability to power the Nanrobot RS4 for up to 55 miles between charges. It is however worth noting that this is the very maximum range of this electric scooter. The bottom line is that the range between charges will most certainly vary depending on how fast you ride, how many motors you are engaging, the terrain you are riding on, and the weight of the rider. With that said you will still have to search long and hard to find another electric scooter on the market that can offer such a terrific range between charges.

What We Like About the Nanrobot RS4

Features – If you like gadgets then this electric scooter will not disappoint. It comes with several modes, plenty of buttons on the handlebars, and a LCD display.

Top Speed and Range – Regardless of how hard you look you will struggle to find an electric scooter that is capable of reaching such awesome top speeds. You will also struggle to find an electric scooter that will offer you such a huge number of miles between charges.

Excellent Handling – Whether travelling slow or travelling fast how an electric scooter handles is vitally important. Thanks to the low centre of gravity, front and rear suspension, and perfectly sized tires, the Nanrobot RS4 handles like a dream. It corners like it is on rails and soaks up the bumps with ease which offers a surprisingly comfortable ride.

What We Don’t Like About the Nanrobot RS4.

Charge Time – We found that charging the battery takes at least five hours. We would really liked to have seen the battery reaching full charge much quicker. With that said this is not a deal breaker for this electric scooter because, with 55 miles between charges, you will find that a single charge easily lasts all day.

Heavy – The Nanrobot RS4 weighs 88 lbs which prevents it been truly portable. While it is still light enough to pick up and carry this is not something you could do for any length of time. Again, this is not a deal breaker because we feel that this electric scooter is so much fun that you will want to ride it rather than carrying it.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to buy an electric scooter that is well built, easy to ride, super fast, with an excellent range between charges it really is hard to recommend any other product than the Nanrobot RS4. It features plenty of safety features including dual disc brakes and dual suspension which makes it always feel well planted on the ground. If you are wanting an electric scooter for commuting or just for pure 100% fun then w highly recommend the Nanrobot RS4.

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