Nanrobot is a hugely popular name in electric scooters and this is a detailed Nanrobot D5+ review. Hopefully, this will help you decide should you buy theNanrobot D5+ or not. The Nanrobot D5+ is, like many of the products by Nanrobot, among the fastest electric scooters available to buy.

Nanrobot D5+ Review - Fastest Electric ScooterNANROBOT D5+ Review –  Quick Look

The Nanrobot D5+ is a well made and well designed electric scooter. It is capable of carrying a rider weighing up to 330lbs which shows just how swell built this scooter is.

It features two independent electric motors, one for each wheel, which can propel it up to a top speed of 40mph. The battery offers an exceptional range of up to 50 miles between charges.

Front and rear disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power while the controls are well set out on the handlebars. It even folds down easily to offer easy transportation and storage.

Top Speed 40 MPH
Maximum Range 50 Miles
Weight 70.0 lbs
Motor 2 x 1000 Watts
Dimensions (Unfolded) 49 inch x 45 inch x 10 inch


Nanrobot D5+ Review - Fastest Electric ScooterThis super fast electric scooter manages to include just the right number of gadgets and features. It does so without going over the top to the point where the rider is confused as to what button to press.

It features bright front and rear LED lights. These are a fantastic for anyone wanting to ride at night. Not only do they help light your way, they make sure that you are visible for extra safety.

To make things easy when it comes to storing, transporting, or carrying the Nanrobot D5+, it folds down easily in a matter of seconds.

It even comes with a remote activated alarm for added security and peace of mind.

Two Powerful 1000w Electric Motors

This Nanrobot D5+ scooter is driven by two powerful 1000w electric hub motors. One is located in the front wheel and one in the rear. This gives the Nanrobot D5+ all-wheel-drive capabilities. It also gives a total power of 2000 watts.

The rider has the ability to engage both electric motors or run on just one. As you would imagine using just one does not deliver the same top speed but it does preserve battery life.

Controls and Display

Nanrobot D5+ Review - Fastest Electric ScooterLike all electric scooters by Nanrobot the controls and displays are well thought out.

Over on the left side of the handlebars you will find the rear brake lever. It is on this side of the handlebars that you will also find the scooters on and off switch and the button to activate the horn.

Moving over to the right side of the handlebars is where you will find the more important controls. Firstly there is the front brake lever. Located in a handy position for your thumb is two more buttons. One is used to switch between one-wheel and two-wheel drive. The other is used to change between economy mode and turbo mode.

There is also a nice LCD display located on this side of the Nanrobot D5+. On the display you will see such information as battery power, seed, time, and the gear that the scooter is in. There are also two buttons located next to the LCD display. One button turns the display on and off while the other changes the gear that the Nanrobot D5+ is in.

The speed of the Nanrobot D5+ is also controlled from the right side of the handlebars. Rather than using a motorbike style grip the Nanrobot D5+ has a special trigger that, when pulled, starts it moving.

Front and Rear Suspension

Anyone who has ever ridden an electric scooter will tell you that it can be a bumpy affair. It therefore amazing that the Nanrobot D5+ comes equipped with a front and rear suspension.

On the rear of the Nanrobot D5+ is two high quality shock absorbers then at the front is four shock absorbers. It is clear that the suspension system has been well thought out giving the front wheel four shock absorbers as this is where most of the bumps are felt.

The big question is – does the suspension system work? Well, yes it does. In fact it works very well indeed. It certainly does not eliminate all of the bumps in the terrain but it really does enhance the ride quality. It is fair to say that even at high speeds the Nanrobot D5+ is a pleasure to ride.

Coupled with the large 10 inch non-slip tyres the Nanrobot D5+ is one of the smoothest electric scooters we have ridden.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Nanrobot D5+ Review - Fastest Electric ScooterThe one thing you really, really want when you are onboard an electric scooter capable of a top speed of 40mph is a great breaking system. Thankfully, the Nanrobot D5+ does not let itself down in this department.

The braking system fitted to the Nanrobot D5+ is comprised of front and rear brakes. Very much like you would find on a motorbike. They are controlled by brake levers fitted to the handlebars and feel very light in operation.

More importantly they are very effective. They work well, even in an emergency, quickly reducing your speed in a smooth and safe manner. You certainly do not feel like you will be thrown head first from the Nanrobot D5+ if you should pull on the brakes too hard.

They even function very well in wet weather.

It would have been nice to see the use of hydraulic brakes rather than the conventional wire pulling system. With that said this would certainly have pushed the price up even further.

Performance and Range

Because the Nanrobot D5+ is an electric scooter with two power motors it certainly does not hang around reaching its top speed. While the acceleration is not enough feel unsafe it certainly is enough to give you a fright the first time you pull the throttle and reach 40mph.

Fitted with a high capacity 26aH/52 volt lithium battery the Nanrobot D5+ has an amazingly impressive range between charges. From a single charge you can expect to get up to 50 miles which should be more than enough to last you the entire day.

Of course the range, like the top speed, is very much dependant on various factors. Such factors include the weight of the rider, terrain, weather conditions, and the type of riding you are doing.

What We Like About Nanrobot D5+

There really is a lot to love about the Nanrobot D5+.

First, we love the top end speed of this electric scooter. With a top speed of 40mph this is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. Only other offerings from Nanrobot come close.

We love the well thought out controls and displays on the handlebars as well as the braking system. The dual disc brakes really do a fine job of bringing you to a stop. They even do it in a safe and smooth manner. Coupled with the dual suspension system and 10 inch non-slip tyres you will struggle to find an electric scooter that handles this well. You will also struggle to find one that feels so safe.

There is also the epically long range that the Nanrobot D5+ gets between charges. With a range of 50 miles only the most hardcore of riders will run out of battery power.

The inclusion of a remote activated alarm on the Nanrobot D5+ is also a welcome feature.

What We Don’t Like About Nanrobot D5+

There really is not that much to pick fault with the Nanrobot D5+. There is of course a few things.

Firstly, the time the battery takes to charge. To fully charge the battery from empty can take up to 10 hours. Thankfully, with a range of 50 miles, this should not be an issue for most people although it will be a pain for some.

There is also the overall weight of the Nanrobot D5+. This electric scooter weighs 70lbs. This is far too much to make it truly portable or easy to take on the bus. Of course, with an electric scooter capable of 40mph and with a range of 50 miles you will unlikely feel the need to take it on public transport. The weight of the Nanrobot D5+ is certainly worth considering should you want an electric scooter that you can pick and carry with ease.

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting to buy one of the fastest electric scooters available the Nanrobot D5+ is a fantastic choice.

It is well designed and well constructed. With a top speed of 40mph and a range of 50 miles there are only a handful of electric scooters that can even dream of competing.

It folds down for easy storage and transportation in your car and even features an alarm which is something you do not often see on electric scooters.

The bottom line is that if you want a fast electric scooter, a scooter with a super long range, and an electric scooter that has well thought out safety features, the Nanrobot D5+ is an excellent choice.

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