Nanrobot D4+ Review

Recently, one of the most popular names in electric scooters is Nanrobot. In fact, they are well known for producing some of the best, fastest, and longest range electric scooters available. One such electric scooters is the Nanrobot D4+.

The Nanrobot D4+ is one of the best electric scooters in their range and this is a Nanrobot D4+ review and buyers guide.

Nanrobot D4+ Review – Quick Look

The Nanrobot D4+ is a seriously awesome electric scooter. It is well constructed and capable of carrying riders up to 330lbs in weight. This alone is a testimony to just how strong and well made the Nanrobot D4+ really is.

This is a seriously powerful and fast electric scooter. Each of the two wheels is equipped with its own powerful 1000 watt motor. This not only provides the Nanrobot D4+ with all-wheel-drive functionality and can propel it up to a top speed of 40mph.

The high capacity battery is capable of delivering up to 45 miles between charges. This, in most cases, is more than enough for a single charge to last you all day.

10 inch pneumatic tyres coupled with 6 individual shock absorbers deliver a smooth and stable ride even at high speeds.

As you would imagine, 40mph on an electric scooter is seriously fast. Therefore it is fantastic that the Nanrobot D4+ is equipped with a very capable braking system. The braking system is comprised of front and rear disc brakes. Each brake is operated through the use of brake levers mounts on the handlebars very much like that of a motorcycle.

Top Speed 40 MPH
Maximum Range 45 Miles
Weight 70.0 lbs
Motor 2 x 1000 Watts
Dimensions (Unfolded) 49 inch x 45 inch x 10 inch


The Nanrobot D4+ is an electric scooter that is well designed and well equipped with features to enhance the rider experience and safety of the rider. Anti-slip tyres go a long way in making this scooter feel rooted to the ground while a front and rear LED lighting system is a great comfort for anyone wanting to ride at night.

Two Powerful 1000 Watt Motors

Obviously, the Nanrobot D4+ has two wheels, each with their own independent electric hub motor. Each hub motor is extremely powerful with 100 watts of power. When both electric motors are in operation a total of 2000 watts of power which can the propel the Nanrobot D4+ to a top speed of 40mph. Obviously, the top speed of the Nanrobot D4+ is dependant on terrain and the weight of the rider.

It is possible to operate the Nanrobot D4+ with just one motor engaged or with both. This is an extremely useful feature which goes a long way to increasing the overall range of this electric scooter.

Control & Displays

The handlebars of the NANROBOT D4+ make it easy to control and also features a handy LCD display panel.

On the left side of the handlebars is the rear brake lever along with the on and off buttons for the scooter and red button for the horn. This is exceptionally useful to warn people that you are approaching.

On the right side of the handlebars is the front brake lever. This is also where you will find the trigger which controls the speed of the NANROBOT D4+ along a button which switches between economy mode and turbo mode.

The LCD control panel display is where the throttle trigger is located. The LCD display itself gives information such as speed, remaining battery life, gear, and ride time. There are also buttons on the LCD display unit which allow you to change the ride mode of the NANROBOT D4+ and turn the display on and off.

You will also find a very handy USB charging port on the right side of the handlebars so you can charge your cell phone as you ride.

Front & Rear Suspension

As you can imagine, when riding an electric scooter at such eye watering top speeds things could get very bumpy. Thankfully the NANROBOT D4+ is equipped with a front and rear suspension. On the rear are two shock absorbers while the front wheel has four shock absorbers. Combined together, even at high speeds, the NANROBOT D4+ provides a remarkably smooth ride. So good is the suspension system on the NANROBOT D4+ that it even feels quite at home when ridden off road or on rough terrain.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

The very second you reach anywhere near 40mph on this electric scooter you will fully understand the need for good brakes.

Thankfully the Nanrobot D4+ does not let itself down here. High quality front and rear disc brakes are fitted to this electric scooter which is capable of stopping it both quickly and smoothly.

They even function well in wet weather although we would not advice that you ride this scooter in exceptionally wet weather.

This is not because the Nanrobot D4+ can not handle wet weather. It is simply down to safety concerns.

Performance & Range

There is no denying that this is a high quality electric scooter. This is most certainly reflected by the scooters performance and range.

Thanks to the high capacity 23.4Ah 52 volt lithium battery a single charge will last most people the entire day. From a single charge you can expect to ride this electric scooter for up to 45 miles. It is worth noting however that the range of this scooter is very much dependant on rider weight, terrain, and weather conditions.

What We Like About the Nanrobot D4+

Features – The Nanrobot D4+ provides just the right level of features without going over the top. We love the LCD display along with the different ride modes. We also love the USB charging port which comes in very handy for charging your smartphone.

Range and Top Speed – It is impossible to say the Nanrobot D4+ is not a seriously fast electric scooter. Even at half of its maximum speed this feels like one of the fastest electric scooters. We also love the range that is available on a single charge.

Handling and Brakes – This electric scooter is an absolute dream to ride. It feels stable and easy to balance on at low speeds and feels well planted to the ground at high speeds. The suspension not only soaks up bumps in the road, it greatly helps when cornering. The same can be said of the 10 inch pneumatic tyres which are made from anti-slip rubber. We also love the disc braking system. This is capable of bringing you to a fast and smooth stop even in an emergency.

What We Do Not Like About the Nanrobot D4+

It’s Heavy – While this is a foldable electric scooter it is not one we would say was easy to carry. It weighs 70 lbs which is not a weight anyone would want to carry on to the likes of a bus or train.

Charging Time – The long range provided by the battery of the Nanrobot D4+ is probably enough to last you the entire day. However, for anyone who runs out of charge during the day you will be looking at between 8 and 10 hours for it to reach full charge again.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Nanrobot D4+is a very good electric scooter. In fact is possibly one of the best electric scooters available to buy. It is a very well built product which is also well designed.

It boasts a very high speed, possibly one of the fastest electric scooters out there, as well as a huge range between charges.

Yes, the Nanrobot D4+ is quite an expensive electric scooter. But, with that said we all know that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a top quality, super fast, long range electric scooter then check out the Nanrobot D4+.

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