Inmotion V8 Review

Hopefully, our Inmotion V8 review will offer you a solid insight into this unique and quirky form of personal transport. One thing for sure is that when you ride the Inmotion V8 you will most certainly stand out in any crowd. There are hundreds of forms of electric personal transportation but none are as unique as the Inmotion V8.

Inmotion V8 Review –  Quick Look

At first glance even the most dare devil of riders will undoubtedly think that the Inmotion V8 looks like it will be impossible to ride.

A basic description of this device is that it is a single motorised wheel with a foot plate on either side where the rider stands. While this sounds as impossible as it looks to ride, once you finally manage to step on the device it is a lot easier than it looks. It is very much like the first time you learn to ride a bike. It may look as difficult to ride as a unicycle but because it features self-balancing technology it is ridiculously easy to ride.

Top Speed 18.5 mph
Maximum Range 30 miles
Weight 38 lbs
Motor 800 watts
Dimensions 23 x 22 x 11 inches


Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers GuideWhile the Inmotion V8 is basically just a self-balancing wheel with plates either side where you stand it is not short on features. Everything from the sleek design to the LED lights to the smartphone connectivity is enough to satisfy technology and gadget lovers.

800 Watt Electric Motor

The driving force behind the Inmotion V8 is a massively powerful 800 watt electric hub motor. Not only is this powerful enough to move a rider weighing up to 120kg it offers enough torque to keep the device self-balanced at all time. From the second you gain the confidence to step onto the Inmotion V8 the torque filled hub motor makes it feel surprisingly stable. Once mounted there really is no fear that the device will slip forward or backwards.

Controls and Display

Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers GuideWhen it comes to personal transportation you really could not ask for a more simple device to ride and control. Once you finally build up the confidence to step onto the Inmotion V8 with both feet it really does feel like it is locked in position.

From there it is a simple case of leaning ever so slightly forward to move forward or leaning backwards to move backwards. When it comes to braking you simply apply no pressure forwards or backwards. With a few minutes practise it is even possible to stand on the Inmotion V8 and remain stationary.

Turning and steering the Inmotion V8 is just as simple as riding it. Because this is basically a unicycle even at low speeds you can easily turn the device on the spot. Once in motion it is a simple case of leaning in the direction you wish to turn. very much like you do on a conventional bicycle.

The one display that you do get get on the Inmotion V8 is a easy to read battery level monitor. As basic as this display is it really is helpful so you always know how much charge you have left.

LED Lighting System

Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers GuideWhen you first unbox the Inmotion V8 it looks sleek, black, and shiny. Once you turn the device on, using a simple button on the top, it lights up like the Las Vegas strip at night. On the very front of the Inmotion V8 is a white LED headlight. Not only does this help you stay visible when riding at night it does a fantastic job at lighting the road in front of you.

On the sides of the Inmotion V8 are three large circular arrays of LED lights. These LED lights make this electric unicycle look awesome. They can also be easily changed to any color you desire so you can have your very own customised device. You can even program the LED lighting array to flash different colors and in customised sequences. It is like having your very own personal lighting show as you ride.

Performance and Range

With a top speed of 18.5mph the Inmotion V8 is anything but slow. In fact with such a high top speed it works out to be at least six times faster than walking. It is even somewhat faster than most people can ride a bicycle.

The acceleration of the Inmotion V8 is quick although it is smooth enough to ensure you feel safe. You certainly do not feel like the device shoots off in a manner that is going to cause you a severe injury.

While many electric scooters and self-balancing boards slow down when they hit an incline the Inmotion V8 keeps on going. There is a very slight drop in top speed on severe inclines but this is so slight you will hardly notice it.

The distance you can travel on the Inmotion V8 between charges is also very good. Carrying a rider weighing 170 lbs over normal terrain you can expect a whopping 30 miles before you have to recharge. When you consider that most electrical personal transportation devices offer only 15-20 miles between charges the Inmotion V8 really does stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Smartphone Connectivity

Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers GuideIt is hard not to like the fact the Inmotion V8 can be connected to a smartphone with the use of a free app. While a smartphone is not required to own and use the device it does unlock plenty of cool and useful features.

Firstly, the smartphone app allows you to see all kinds of useful information. Information such as your average speed and distance travelled. The smartphone app also allows you to customise the LED lighting display. It is not just a case of been able to change the color of the LED lights to pretty much any color you desire. You can also program the lighting display to perform a huge array of sequences and patterns. While this feature may seem like a gimmick it really is quite cool. One thing for sure is that you will stand out in the crowd. Especially when you are cruising along at night on the Inmotion V8.


Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers GuideWhile we are a big fan of electric scooters they are let down by their lack of portability. Once you get where you are going they become difficult to pick up and take into a coffee shop for example. This is not the case with the Inmotion V8.

The Inmotion V8 weighs a mere 38 lbs so it is easy enough to pick up. While this is still not a weight you would want to carry for any length of time it is much lighter than any electric scooter out there. The fact the Inmotion V8 is a mere 23 inches in diameter also makes it much easier to pick up, carry, and store.

For added convenience the Inmotion V8 is also equipped with a cleverly concealed handle. This handle is so well hidden at first look you will probably not see it. The handle is easily extended with the simple press of a button. The handle then pulls up to around hip height so the Inmotion V8 can be pushed along with great ease. This is very much the same idea as you find on suitcases with extending handles.

What We Like About Inmotion V8

Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers GuideThe first thing that we really love about the Inmotion V8 is how it looks. Anyone who looks at it, especially with a rider onboard, will be blown away. This is simply because it looks like a very difficult device to ride. The real truth is that if you can ride a bike then you can easily ride the Inmotion V8. In fact even a person who cannot ride a bike will quickly pick up riding this device. It really is that simple to ride.

We really like the top speed of this device. Reaching speeds of over 18mph you will get where you’re going in no time. There is also the fact that it still manages to power away up steep inclines. There is also the 30 mile range between charges. Most electric scooters struggle to get 20 mile from a single charge by comparison. 30 miles should be more than enough to get you there and back or just a days worth of fun. If 30 miles is not enough the Inmotion V8 only takes 4 hours to reach peak charge. So in next to no time you will be on your way again. The short charge time is more than enough time should you wish to charge the device while at work.

There is also the LED lights that we really love. While the Inmotion V8 looks stylish straight out the box, when the LED lights come on it looks amazing. The fact you can customise the LED lights and create animated displays makes this device look awesome.

What We Don’t Like About Inmotion V8

When it comes to what we do not like about the Inmotion V8 there is not a lot. If we were been picky we would say that we would have liked to see a rear LED light for night riding. With that said it is worth noting that the side lights are visible from the rear so this is not a deal breaker.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is if you want to have the most fun you can have with your clothes on then buy the Inmotion V8. This is a ridiculously unique form of personal transport and it is great fun to ride.

While it may look like it will be hard to ride it is not. Most people build up the confidence to step on to the device and they are riding it like a pro. It is many times faster than walking, has great range between charges, and it looks amazing when you ride it.

It is small enough and light enough to be easily carried and stored and is sure to have you smiling from ear to ear each time you ride it.

Inmotion V8 Review and Buyers Guide

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