Dualtron Raptor Review

Our Dualtron Raptor review looks at this awesome, fast, and long range electric scooter. We got our hands on this machine and, having ridden it daily for three weeks, look to let you know what it is like to live with. More importantly, we hope to answer the questions – should I buy the Dualtron Raptor – and – is the Dualtron Raptor good?

Dualtron Raptor Review – Quick Look

There is no denying that the Dualtron Raptor is a seriously fast electric scooter. It is very similar in many ways to its bigger brother, the Dualtron Ultra. The main difference is that the Dualtron Raptor is much more lightweight. It still features a dual suspension, disc brakes, two insanely powerful electric hub motors, and an excellent range between charges.

Top Speed 35+ MPH
Maximum Range 45 Miles
Weight 52 lbs
Motor 2 x 1300 Watts


Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersWhile not quite as powerful as its big brother the Dualtron Raptor is still a seriously powerful elctric scooter. This is certainly more powerful than your average scooter and is certainly not a toy. Nor is it an electric scooter for the faint hearted.

The Dualtron Raptor is powered by two 1300 watt electric hub motors. One for each wheel providing a total power output of 2600 watts. The motors are capable of propelling the Dualtron Raptor up to a top speed of more than 35mph. While many scooters make bold claims when it comes to their top speed we found this scooter actually hit 35mph with relative ease. In everyday riding we found we had no issue averaging around 25-30mph. This was achieved on hilly and open terrain.

These electric hub motors are so powerful they are capable of pushing the scooter up an incline of 25 degrees before the ride will notice it is starting to slow down.

Since this electric scooter has an individual electric motor for each wheel the rider can decide between all-wheel drive or single wheel drive. As you would imagine using the two-wheel drive function produces a higher top speed while the single wheel drive extends the battery life.


Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersThis electric scooter is powered by a high capacity 60V 1077Wh LG battery. Not only is this battery relatively lightweight it is what gives this electric scooter such an awesomely long range.

The manufacturer claims that this electric scooter can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge. We found that this figured varied depending on the style of riding we were engaging in.

When riding around town, which usually involves stopping and starting and travelling at lower speeds, we found that the Dualtron Raptor certainly come close to the claimed 45 miles. However, when we took this electric scooter on the open road this was reduced.

Travelling at or close to the scooters top speed continuously we found that we managed between 22 and 34 miles between charges. With that said it is worth us pointing out that riding continuously at high speed is something you will seldom do. Especially if you plan to use this scooter as a form of transport. As an average we found we had no problem averaging 30-35 miles from a single charge.


Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersIf you are looking for an easy scooter to ride and control you could not ask for a better scooter than the Dualtron Raptor.

The throttle is located on the right side of the handlebars and is operated via a trigger. Simply pull the trigger with your index finger and the Dualtron Raptor will begin to move. The harder you pull the trigger the faster the scooter will go.

Also on the right side of the handlebars you will find the power button for this electric scooter. There is also a mode button. It is this mode button which allows the ride to engage cruise control or manual riding modes.

Moving over to the left side of the handlebars you will find two thumb operated buttons. These buttons are colored red and yellow. The yellow button allows the rider to engage economy mode. This mode helps your battery last longer. The red button controls how many motors operate when powering this electric scooter. A single press of this button is all it takes to switch between two-wheel drive and single wheel drive. As you would expect single wheel drive dramatically increases battery life whereas two-wheel drive provides the Dualtron Raptor with the 35mph top speed.

The brakes on the Dualtron Raptor are operated in the exact same manner as you would find on a bicycle.

LCD Display

Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersLocated on the right side of the handlebars is an extremely useful LCD display. This LCD display panel displays handy information and data. Such information includes the current speed of the scooter, distance travelled, time, mode, and remaining battery life.

Front and Rear Suspension

Any ride-on device with no suspension travelling at speed will generate an intense level of vibrations. Such vibrations quickly stress the legs and the arms causing the rider to tire quickly.

Thankfully the Dualtron Raptor has thought carefully about this and it comes equipped with a high quality front and rear suspension. This suspension system does an excellent job at soaking up all but the biggest lumps and bumps in the road. Riding the Dualtron Raptor on the road feels very much like floating on a cushion of air thanks to the fitted suspension.

Because this suspension has a large amount of travel we also found that the Dualtron Raptor works well off-road. However, we would say that this electric scooter would work better off-road if it was fitted with tyres more suited to off-road riding. Such tyres can be bought separately should you feel that you will be riding off-road.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersWhen you riding an electric scooter like the Dualtron Raptor which can reach such high speeds you quickly become aware just how important stopping power is. It is not just the ability to stop as quickly as possible that is important. Stopping quickly without locking the wheels is equally as important.

The Dualtron Raptor is equipped with front and rear disc brakes. This braking system provides the stopping power the rider needs even when riding in the wet. You also have the luxury of an ABS system. This may seem like overkill on an electric scooter but it really adds to the riders sense of safety. Especially if you find yourself having to brake hard or riding in the wet.

8 Inch x 3 Inch Tyres

The Dualtron Raptor is fitted with large rubber tyres that grip the road very well indeed. They measure 8 inches in diameter and are 3 inches wide. While the tyres fitted to the Dualtron Raptor feature a little tread they are certainly on-road tyres. We found that when taking this electric scooter off-road the tyres worked okay but they did lack grip. This was especially noticeable on slippy surfaces like damp and wet mud.

Front and Rear LED Lighting

Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersIf you are planning on riding the Dualtron Raptor at night you will be pleased to know that this electric scooter is equipped with super bright front and rear LED lights. Not only do these lights greatly increase your visibility at night the front LED lights help you see what is on the road in front of you.

This electric scooter is also equipped with a rear brake light so people travelling behind know when you are braking.

What We Like About the Dualtron Raptor

The first thing that we love about the Dualtron Raptor is that it is so much lighter than any of its big brothers. While it is certainly not the lightest electric scooter in the world it is light enough to be folded and towed on the rear wheel whilst walking.

There is also the top speed and long range that we really like about the Dualtron Raptor. With a top speed of more than 35mph this electric scooter is a whole lot of fun. The 45 mile range from a single charge gives you more than enough time to enjoy that fun.

We really like the fact that the Dualtron Raptor is equipped with front and rear ABS disc brakes. These brakes are capable of bringing the scooter to a quick stop. The ABS is most welcome should you find yourself braking in an emergency which is the last situation you would want to lock the wheels.

Another of our favorite features on the Dualtron Raptor is the front and rear suspension. This goes a long way to helping with the general comfort of riding this scooter. It takes the strain off your arms and legs while making day to day riding all the more enjoyable.

What We Do Not Like About the Dualtron Raptor

Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric ScootersThere is not all that much we can complain about when talking about the Dualtron Raptor. However, we would have liked to have see tyres that are more suited for off-road riding. The tyres that come with this scooter are perfectly suited for the road, However, when you consider this scooter is more capable riding off-road you cannot help but feel a little let down by the standard tyres.

We would have also liked to have seen Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. Sure, this is more a gimmick than anything else but there are other scooters with this feature. Such scooters end up providing a wide range of cool features. When you are spending this sort of money on an electric scooter we would have liked to have seen the manufacturer include this Bluetooth feature.


Overall, the Dualtron Raptor is one of the best electric scooters that we have had the pleasure of riding. It is seriously fast and has a good range from a single charge. It is comfortable to ride and handles well. There is also the fact it is equipped with ABS disc brakes which makes it feel safe even when travelling at high speeds.

If you are looking for a scooter that you can pick up easily and take on public transport then this may not be the product for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an electric scooter that is great for commuting, seriously fun, fast, and with a super long range from a single charge, we would highly recommend that you buy the Dualtron Raptor.

Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric Scooters

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