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  • Best Electric Scooter For Kids

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    Best Electric Scooter For Kids 2020

    Electric scooters are seriously fun pieces of kit but not many are well suited for kids. This of course leads to the question – What is the best electric scooter for kids in 2020? Best Electric Scooter For Kids 2020 It is certainly true that one particular company seems to dominate the electric scooter market. […] More

  • Best Cheap Electric Scooter

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    Best Cheap Electric Scooter 2020

    Electric scooters are seriously cool and bags of fun. Unfortunately many of the best electric scooters are quite expensive. This leads to the obvious question – What is the best cheap electric scooter available in 2020? Best Cheap Electric Scooter 2020 When it comes to choosing the best cheap electric scooter it is difficult to […] More

  • Best Off Road Electric Scooter 2020

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    Best Off Road Electric Scooter 2020

    Riding an electric scooter on a flat surface is certainly fun. However riding an electric scooter off road is even more fun and something everyone should try. This obviously leads to the question – what is the best off road electric scooter in 2020? Best Off Road Electric Scooter 2020 There are certainly plenty of […] More

  • Fastest Electric Scooter 2020

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    Fastest Electric Scooter 2020

    What is the the fastest electric scooter of 2020? This is a question many people ask when they understand if you’re going to travel somewhere you may as well travel in style. Fastest Electric Scooter 2020 If you are looking to buy the fastest electric scooter of 2020 the biggest problem is so many products […] More

  • Dualtron Raptor Review - Fastest Electric Scooters

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    Dualtron Raptor Review

    Our Dualtron Raptor review looks at this awesome, fast, and long range electric scooter. We got our hands on this machine and, having ridden it daily for three weeks, look to let you know what it is like to live with. More importantly, we hope to answer the questions – should I buy the Dualtron Raptor – […] More

  • Dualtron Ultra Review - Best Electric Scooter

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    Dualtron Ultra Review

    We have looked at many electric scooters in our time and finally got our hands on the Dualtron Ultra. That means we can finally bring you our tried and tested Dualtron Ultra review. One thing we can say is that this is an awesomely fast and capable long range electric scooter. Dualtron Ultra Review – Quick Look […] More

  • Ninebot Segway ES2 Review Electric Scooter Cheap - Buy Ninebot Segway ES2

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    Ninebot Segway ES2 Review

    We spent two weeks riding this electric scooter and can now bring you our tried and tested Ninebot Segway ES2 review. We have used the Ninebot Segway ES2 on a daily basis experimenting and learning what it is like to live with this electric scooter. The big question is – is this any good and should […] More

  • Ninebot ES4 Review and Best Price

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    Ninebot ES4 Review

    Having finally gotten our hands on this electric scooter we are finally able to offer a Ninebot ES4 review. This is a beautifully designed, long range, and fast electric scooter made by Segway. It certainly is not the cheapest electric scooter available to buy, but is it worth the money? More importantly, is the Ninebot ES4 an […] More

  • Nanrobot X8 Review

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    NANROBOT X8 Review

    As soon as we rode this electric scooter we knew we had to do a NANROBOT X8 review. It is possibly one of the best and fastest electric scooters under $1000 that we have seen. There really is a lot to love about this electric scooter and not a lot to hate. The big question […] More

  • NANROBOT X4 Review

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    NANROBOT X4 Review

    This NANROBOT X4 review is a look at a fast electric scooter that is well suited to everyone. It is one of the best fast electric scooters for kids and for people new to riding this form of personal transport. NANROBOT X4 Review –  Quick Look This NANROBOT X4 electric scooter is a fast, long ranged, lightweight […] More

  • NANROBOT V8 Review and Buyers Guide

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    NANROBOT V8 Review

    It is hardly any surprise that we are doing a NANROBOT V8 review. After all Nanrobot are a company well known for making some of the best and fastest electric scooters. The NANROBOT V8 is certainly no exception to that rule. It falls just short of been the fastest electric scooter available from the company. However, […] More

  • Nanrobot D5+ Review - Fastest Electric Scooter

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    NANROBOT D5+ Review

    Nanrobot is a hugely popular name in electric scooters and this is a detailed Nanrobot D5+ review. Hopefully, this will help you decide should you buy theNanrobot D5+ or not. The Nanrobot D5+ is, like many of the products by Nanrobot, among the fastest electric scooters available to buy. NANROBOT D5+ Review –  Quick Look The Nanrobot […] More

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