Airwheel X8 Review

There seems to be no shortage of people looking for a unique form of personal transport which brings us to our Airwheel X8 review. The Airwheel X8 is certainly unique. It is a lightweight, well designed, easy to ride electric unicycle. One thing for certain is that you will certainly get a second look when you ride down the street on the Airwheel X8.

Airwheel X8 Review – Quick Look

Like any electric unicycle this, at first glance, looks like it will be impossible to ride. The truth is this electric unicycle is even easier to ride than an electric scooter. It features effective self balancing technology. This means that as soon as you step on to it you will be surprised how stable it feels. It does not rock forward or back. In fact it is so stable it is very easy to stand on the foot plates and remain stationary. Once you are stood on the foot plates there is nothing to be had but good old fashioned fun.

Top Speed 11.5 MPH
Maximum Range 12.5 Miles
Charge Time 90 Minutes
Weight 22 lbs
Motor 800 Watt
Dimensions 497*450*168mm


The single wheel of the Airwheel X8 is encased in a stylish carbon fibre case. While this device may not offer much in the way of gadgets for people who like that kind of thing it is well kitted out where it is needed. Everything you need to feel safe and travel in style is well taken care of.

Powerful 800 Watt Electric Motor

Airwheel X8 Review and Buyers GuideA super powerful and torque filled 800 watt electric motor is the driving force behind the Airwheel X8.

The very fact the 800 watt hub motor has so much torque is the exact reason the Airwheel X8 feels so stable. From the very second you step onto the foot plates the motor kicks into action and locks you in an upright position. If you begin to fall forward or backwards the electronics come into play and compensate the level of the foot plates. This means that you only start to move when you want to. It also means that you can actually stand on the footplates, remain stationary, and feel like you are still standing on the floor. This is all thanks to the torque filled hub motor combined with sensors and intelligent electronics system.

We really can not stress enough that, although it may look difficult to ride, the Airwheel X8 is as easy as walking.

Controls and Display

Airwheel X8 Review and Buyers GuidePowering up the Airwheel X8 is as simple as pressing the on/off button on the rear of the unit. Once the device is turned on you are ready to mount. The first time you step on to the foot plates the most difficult thing is getting your mind to accept you will not fall. Once you take the plunge and mount it takes literally seconds to feel at home.

Once you are comfortable everything else is as easy as you could imagine. Simply lean ever so slightly forwards and you will start to move. The further you lean the faster the Airwheel X8 will move. The same principle applies should you want to reverse. The only difference is that you lean back over rather than forwards.

Braking and stopping on the Airwheel X8 is as simple as reducing how hard you are leaning. Simply stand up straight and you will come to a gradual stop. If you need to apply the brakes to stop faster simply push down backwards with your feet.

Steering and turning the Airwheel X8 is just as simple as moving forwards. If you are standing stationary you can easily twist your feet turning the device on the spot. If you are travelling it is simply a case of leaning in the direction you wish to turn. Very much in the same way you would when riding a bicycle.

The Airwheel X8 will also inform you when it is starting to run low on battery power. Once the battery is reduced to 15% lights will start to flash. This is a simple but effective way of making sure you never run out of charge while out riding.

Performance and Range

Airwheel X8 Review and Buyers GuideThere are faster forms of electric personal transport but with a top speed of 11.5mph the Airwheel X8 is fast enough for most. It works out to be around 4 times faster than walking meaning you can quickly get where you are going.

While many forms of personal transport, especially electric scooters, start to struggle a little when they hit an incline, the Airwheel X8 does not. Because the Airwheel X8 has such a powerful and torque producing motor you barely notice any reduction in speed. Even the steepest of inclines struggle to slow this electric unicycle down.

The maximum weight of a rider that the Airwheel X8 can accommodate is 120kg. While the weight of the rider does effect the top speed of the device a rider weighing 90kg can still expect to reach the claimed top speed.

Once the rider starts the Airwheel X8 in motion it picks up speed quickly. You can expect to reach top speed in a matter of seconds. It is worth pointing out that although the acceleration is quick it is not enough to cause alarm or feel unsafe.

From a single charge a rider can expect 12.5 miles of travel. There are certainly electric scooters available that have a longer range but the Airwheel X8 has something those scooters do not. What the Airwheel X8 has is a super fast charge time. Pretty much every electric scooter available will take between 6-10 hours to reach fully charged. The Airwheel X8 takes only 90 minutes. With such a fast charging time you can quickly and easily charge the device while you have a coffee or a chat with friends.

What We Like About Airwheel X8

Airwheel X8 Review and Buyers GuideThe first thing that we love about the Airwheel X8 is its uniqueness. As you ride along everyone you pass cannot help but give you a second look. This device really is so unique people cannot help but take a second look.

We really love that the Airwheel X8 is fast but not to fast. It is certainly much faster, easier, and more fun than walking, but it is not so fast that it feels dangerous.

We really love how poratble the Airwheel X8 is. Because it is an electric unicycle and everything, including the foot rests, fold away it is so easy to carry. This is something you just don’t get if you are using an electric scooter. You can quite literally pick the Airwheel X8 up and take it in any coffee shop or work place with ridiculous ease.

It is impossible not to love that the Airwheel X8 looks like it would be impossible to ride. The simple fact it is so easy to ride has people, wherever you go, looking at you in sheer amazement. They’re stood there watching thinking how amazing it is that you can ride such a device. While you are whizzing along with the greatest of ease.

Finally, we really love that the Airwheel X8 can be charged in as little as 90 minutes. When you consider that most electric forms of personal transport take up around 6-10 hours to charge the Airwheel X8 is a clear winner.

What We Don’t Like About Airwheel X8

If you are looking at the Airwheel X8 as a convenient, practical, and cheap form of personal transport it is difficult to pick fault. However, we will pick up on one issue. The overall look really should have been something much cooler. Yes, the Airwheel X8 looks cool with its carbon fibre finish. We just cannot help but feel that, for the money, a few gimmicky LED lights to really make it stand out would have went a long way. As would smartphone connectivity.

Final Thoughts

There are certainly faster forms of personal transport but speed is not everything. The Airwheel X8 is still a lot faster than walking. On top of that it is extremely practical should you be using it for transportation.

The Airwheel X8 is possibly one of the most unique forms of personal transport that we have ever ridden. It is great fun to ride, easy to ride, and will have people everywhere giving you a second look. It looks difficult to ride but is actually ridiculously easy.

The bottom line is if you want to have great fun and own a unique form of transportation then you really should be buying the Airwheel X8.

Airwheel X8 Review and Buyers Guide

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